Spectacular by Nature

Vancouver is magnetic. And the attraction keeps celebrities, writers, jet-setters and folks just like you coming back time and again.

The city is a unique fusion of urban meets nature. Pacific Ocean shores and majestic snow-capped mountains frame this cosmopolitan city. You simply can’t keep your eyes off this place. The temperate year-round climate keeps the snow on the peaks and the blossoms in the city. Here “meeting adjourned” and “let the fun begin” are synonymous.

Sophisticated city venues and museums pair with mountain lodges, luxury yachts and forest attractions offering dynamic event settings to meet and mingle. The city’s lively cultural and festival scene makes for a rich talent pool from which to design, stage, and animate an event.

Vancouver’s culinary scene is sophisticated. Fresh regional farm, ranch and ocean ingredients, award-winning BC wines, and ethnic inspirations culminate in quality catering and memorable menus.

Our city enjoys a mix of outdoor fun and urban bravado. Ocean kayaking, salmon fishing, floatplane sightseeing, night skiing, team dragon boat racing and river rafting with bald eagles are just a few ways to unwind in our outdoor playground.

Urbanites can venture to Granville Island to tour artisan studios, culinary markets, or stroll Robson Street for fashion boutiques. A cup of green tea in classical Ming gardens or getting pampered at a Hammam spa offer insight into the ethnic soul of the city.