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Best Single Day Event Produced for a Corporation by a Third Party Planner
Canadian Event Industry Awards


Our discerning client wanted an immersive final night event that would be splashed all over social media, featuring multiple wows and offering a transformative experience for her 1,300 international guests.


  • Reflect the company’s luxury branding.
  • Juxtapose the welcome event, yet still embrace Vancouver’s unique culture.
  • Design must be modern, edgy with never-before-seen surprise elements.
  • Entire event had to be customized from ideation to physical product, not repurposed nor rented.
  • Make this large space feel intimate.
  • Food must be interesting, fun, delicious and creatively presented, which was out of the regular scope for the venue.


  • We blended the essence of a West Coast rainforest with the exclusivity of an international jet-set dance club.
  • Purpose-built construction of rainforest entryway trail, larger-than-life treehouse bars, shimmering lakes and opulent ‘glampground’.
  • Wine-fairy nymphs hanging from suspended tree pods poured drinks and animated woodland creatures offered unique photo opportunities.
  • A thunder and lightning storm announced the transition to the dance party.

Award Winning Results

We exceeded our client’s expectations for original, impressive event design. All elements were bound together by creative lighting and projection mapping for a truly seamless and progressive immersive experience. It was the most “Instagrammed” event yet in the company’s history with photos re-posted via unique hashtags.

...you ALL absolutely KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK! .... my email hasn’t stopped buzzing... congratulated us on the design, production & flawless execution of this event.

Your team planned and executed our client’s BEST PROGRAM EVER!

...another huge success... tremendous amount of support we received from your team in both the pre-planning and on-site execution... we were just blown away and loved seeing our vision really come to light.

PDS made this evening one of the most memorable events in the history of our client’s 35+ years of programs. As you could tell from the standing ovations on both evenings, this event was stunning and magical!

it was the best ever in the 50 years we have been hosting this prestigious event. ..the standing ovation at the end of the evening said it all!

Our winners, spouses and hosts had the time of their lives! They loved every minute of it... that was the BEST final night event... Please know how much you helped me and my team create such a once of a lifetime experience in Victoria!

I feel so excited to share my gratitude with you all! This is exactly the partnership that I was aiming for...YOU ARE ALL MY “A” TEAM.

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PDS designed a 5-day program woven with authentic experiences that embody the cultural essence of Vancouver to an international, well-travelled, sophisticated audience. Every program and design element had to be original, creative,and quintessentially Vancouver. Click to view other elements of this program below.

Culture Crawl

We created the “Vancouver Culture Crawl” for guests to experience and explore on their first night in Vancouver.

Welcome Spring

Our Goal was to WOW attendees with unique, healthy, local, farm to table features during their coffee breaks.