Event Production Vancouver


Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver



Client Sector


Notable Elements

Non-traditional circular stage for Opera singers


Our discerning client wanted to top events they hosted in previous years’ destinations. We recommended that this evening focus on Vancouver’s natural beauty and to host their traditionally formal gala in a rainforest, literally surrounding guests in nature.


  • We designed the space for a maximum of 150 guests. Response to the event was much greater than originally anticipated and the guest list ballooned from 90 to 190 within days of the event.
  • The increase in guests presented significant challenges to the tent configuration layout, which needed to be redesigned for optimal performance viewing.
  • Changing the traditional stage for the round performance stage wouldn’t work with the customized production that the opera singers and violinist had rehearsed.


  • Our long-standing relationship with the venue allowed us early access to reconfigure the event build-out to accommodate the additional guests.
  • Opera performance was re-engineered from traditional front to “in-the-round” staging to allow clear sight lines for all guests.
  • We collaborated with Vancouver Opera talent to re-choreograph the performance based on the new round stage and adjusted production elements.

The Result

A wildly elegant celebration in the heart of a coastal rainforest featuring an inspired Celtic musical performance by acclaimed Vancouver Opera Singers. Our client and guests were thrilled with this refreshing gala, and awarded the evening with a long standing ovation. One guest, a former opera singer, congratulated the performers in person for their flawless adaptability to perform on a round stage.

it was the best ever in the 50 years we have been hosting this prestigious event. ..the standing ovation at the end of the evening said it all!

Your team planned and executed our client’s BEST PROGRAM EVER!

...another huge success... tremendous amount of support we received from your team in both the pre-planning and on-site execution... we were just blown away and loved seeing our vision really come to light.

PDS made this evening one of the most memorable events in the history of our client’s 35+ years of programs. As you could tell from the standing ovations on both evenings, this event was stunning and magical!

Our winners, spouses and hosts had the time of their lives! They loved every minute of it... that was the BEST final night event... Please know how much you helped me and my team create such a once of a lifetime experience in Victoria!

...you ALL absolutely KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK! .... my email hasn’t stopped buzzing... congratulated us on the design, production & flawless execution of this event.

I feel so excited to share my gratitude with you all! This is exactly the partnership that I was aiming for...YOU ARE ALL MY “A” TEAM.