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The Northern Lights Gala was the final night of our clients’ 5-day, award-winning program. Our objective was to achieve alignment among a diverse group of stakeholders on an event concept that required the inclusion of several ideas, which at the outset didn’t necessarily jive.


  • Our clients’ vision included several ideas that didn’t naturally align: capture Vancouver’s unique culinary scene, authentic First Nations elements, a legendary headline performer, local entertainment, a casual after-party and a Canadian ‘elegant but not overdone’ seated dinner party for 900+.
  • The venue, a long exhibition space, required a considerable amount of creativity to bring it to life.


  • We divided the large venue into three separate and uniquely themed areas: reception, dinner and after-party.
  • Each area was designed to represent the magic of the Canadian wilderness, including a rainforest, woodland cabin scene and a glittering, frozen landscape.
  • Impressive transitions and smart wayfinding lights guided guests between each area, creating one seamless event.
  • We incorporated unexpected moments throughout the evening, including a band of LED drummers, sliding barn doors, twinkling ballet dancers and rollerblading hockey players.
  • Our technical experts cleverly illuminated a massive, existing sail-like roof structure, to evoke the colours of the Northern Lights.
  • During dessert, guests were treated to performance by Canadian music legend Sarah McLachlan, accompanied by artists from the Sarah McLachlan School of Music.

Award Winning Results

We realized that infusing a bit of fun was the way to win the hearts of this savvy group. With a cleverly designed schedule, a magical setting and authentic Canadian influences scattered throughout, we delivered a seamless, never-been-done-before event dotted with intentional moments of the unexpected. The result was an immersive, custom crafted, Canadian celebration that left guests spellbound.

it was the best ever in the 50 years we have been hosting this prestigious event. ..the standing ovation at the end of the evening said it all!

Your team planned and executed our client’s BEST PROGRAM EVER!

...another huge success... tremendous amount of support we received from your team in both the pre-planning and on-site execution... we were just blown away and loved seeing our vision really come to light.

PDS made this evening one of the most memorable events in the history of our client’s 35+ years of programs. As you could tell from the standing ovations on both evenings, this event was stunning and magical!

Our winners, spouses and hosts had the time of their lives! They loved every minute of it... that was the BEST final night event... Please know how much you helped me and my team create such a once of a lifetime experience in Victoria! ALL absolutely KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK! .... my email hasn’t stopped buzzing... congratulated us on the design, production & flawless execution of this event.

I feel so excited to share my gratitude with you all! This is exactly the partnership that I was aiming for...YOU ARE ALL MY “A” TEAM.