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There has never been a more pressing time to connect with your team. But what is required to deliver meaningful virtual events with real impact? Join us in our 4-part series as we explore The 4 C’s of Corporate Virtual Events that business leaders need to know before sending the team their invitations. Hint: it’s not choosing which platform to use.

The 4 C’s we will be exploring are:

      1. CORPORATE
      3. CONTENT
      4. CUSTOM



Live virtual events open a world of opportunities and possibilities, launching a new chapter in corporate event and meeting design.

In Part 3 we dive into CONTENT and its role in designing impactful virtual events. Which comes first, the platform or the content? Content is the foundation of your entire online experience.

CATALYST What excites you? What’s the purpose of your event? What do you want to achieve? What’s important to share now? Designing impactful virtual experiences starts with a clear definition of what you want to realize or attain. Vision sparks the reason to communicate your ideas and engage with your audience. Asking simple questions clarifies priorities and guides intentional content decisions around engagement moments
COLLABORATE Involve those who are delivering your message: hosts, MCs, speakers, panellists, moderators, and subject matter experts. Create a storyboard for your content, then consider the different ‘actors’ in your film. Take the opportunity to collaborate with your presenters because they are stakeholders too. The more you share with them, the better they will help tell your story. Collaboration creates moments of surprise and delight, illuminating content in unexpected ways.
CONTEXT How do you want your audience to feel? What do you want them to take away? What do you want them to be inspired to do after the event? The best way to reach your goals is to put your content in context from your guests’ perspective. Align your content with what’s most valuable and important to your audience. Keep context forefront to help refine your event narrative and storyboard.
COHESIVE Thoughtfully designed content should support all of your event goals. Cohesive content creation has the power to unify, bringing people together and aligning them with your company’s values and event purpose. Interconnected content integrates your message and purpose, giving clarity to your audience in a simple, subliminal way.
CONFIDENCE Indicators suggest virtual and hybrid experiences are here to stay. Companies and teams are enjoying benefits, becoming more comfortable and experiencing real (and amazing!) results in the virtual world. Virtual events are gaining momentum in the short term, and anticipation is for hybrid functionality towards the end of 2021. Longer-term, hybrid components for in-person events will be a required and welcome addition. The future of events is exciting and we are here to make you look great!

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