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There has never been a more pressing time to connect with your team. But what is required to deliver meaningful virtual events with real impact? Join us in our 4-part series as we explore The 4 C’s of Corporate Virtual Events that business leaders need to know before sending the team their invitations. Hint: it’s not choosing which platform to use.

The 4 C’s we will be exploring are:

      1. CORPORATE
      3. CONTENT
      4. CUSTOM



Live virtual events open a world of opportunities and possibilities, launching a new chapter in corporate event design.

We begin our first part by understanding your CORPORATE ethos and its role in designing impactful virtual events.

CULTURE What is your corporate brand? What are your company’s priorities and longer-term goals? Your events are a direct reflection of your organization’s culture and purpose. Leverage virtual experiences to communicate your unique brand and invest in long-term solutions to reach your goals.
CHANGE What is your appetite for change? How do you currently approach online events? This is a golden era for corporate events – for those willing to reimagine their event experiences. It’s an opportunity for fresh thinking, doing things differently and achieving amazing possibilities. “Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.”
CHALLENGE What challenges are your company experiencing around team communication and engagement? Virtual events go beyond what you thought was possible and connect your audiences on a much deeper level. Leverage technology to achieve profound engagement and fulfilling user experiences.
CELEBRATE How do you celebrate your team and your collective wins? Now more than ever, our need for human connection and relationships is high. With virtual events, you can honour all of your team, celebrate success stories, and foster deeper relationships with each other.
CONVENIENCE What types of advantages do virtual events present for your team? Convenience is king! With no shortage of digital competition for our time and attention, virtual events present convenient participation options. More people can join remotely, with barriers to entry such as time away from the office or home removed. Easy remote access, in tandem with well-designed interaction and programming, create valuable benefits for your attendees.

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