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There has never been a more pressing time to connect with your team. But what is required to deliver meaningful virtual events with real impact? Join us in our 4-part series as we explore The 4 C’s of Corporate Virtual Events that business leaders need to know before sending the team their invitations. Hint: it’s not choosing which platform to use.

The 4 C’s we will be exploring are:

      1. CORPORATE
      3. CONTENT
      4. CUSTOM



Live virtual events open a world of opportunities and possibilities, launching a new chapter in corporate event and meeting design.

In Part 2 we will discuss how purposeful virtual event design can build lasting CONNECTIONS to your brand, to your message and with each other. We invite you to think in terms of Return on Relationship (ROR) when it comes to your online experiences.

CLARITY How do you clearly exchange information across virtual events platforms? It starts with professional audio-visual production. Professional production makes your speakers sound and look their best. Conversations among participants happen more naturally with fewer technical distractions. Working with skilled technicians ensure clearer communication which means higher audience engagement.
COMMUNITY How do you build community in today’s remote-based work environments? Your corporate brand and culture shape the type of community you will create in the online world. With accessibility like never before, virtual events can help develop profound team camaraderie, cross-departmental collaboration, external partnerships and international connections.
CONVERSATIONS How do you create moments for online conversations? Authentic conversations lead to lasting connections. Conversations happen among remote team members and with vendors, sponsors, and partners around shared topics of interest where they can work together, learn together and bond over special moments. Relevant content provokes interesting dialogues. Real-time engagement, real conversations, real results.
CAPABILITIES How do you help your team learn and grow? Virtual capacity building may be one of the most efficient ways to get everyone on your team up to speed and united around your goals. Training can be designed as individual modules or group ventures. Purposeful connection opportunities make using new technology an easy, shared experience for everyone. Through active participation people learn new skills together, resulting in substantial impact across the entire organization.
COMFORT How do you create a comfortable experience for your guests and speakers? From pre-event communication to live event day and post-event follow up, look at removing any barriers that may impede their event journey. A designated support person/team, sharing programming content in advance, helping get acquainted with the platform, and live event-day assistance for any questions or technical issues. Consider hiring a professional emcee to create a warm and entertaining environment.

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