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VANCOUVER, BC – November 3rd at the Canadian Special Events & Meetings Expo

Pacific Destination Services, Inc. is thrilled to announce that we received the award for Best Event Produced for a Corporation at the CSEME 2011 BC Event Awards in partnership with BC Event Management.

Lost Lake VSOThis “Symphony Under the Stars” event took place at Lost Lake in Whistler, British Columbia. Guests delighted in a local 100 mile food & wine pairing dinner atop a stunning, custom built “dining patio” which allowed optimum viewing of the saddle-domed entertainment stage.

Tables, set in greens and crystal, created a stunning juxtaposition of natural elements and elegance. A local jazz band entertained during dinner. As dessert was served, the sunset turned to twilight, the sixty-member Grammy Award Winning Vancouver Symphony Orchestra took the stage. The conductor delivered a 60-minute magical musical performance of famous symphonies from around the world to a choreographed video spectacle. Set against the backdrop of mountains, lake, and Whistler’s sky, this was an unforgettable evening ending with a wild standing ovation.

Special thanks to our client, Madison Performance Group, for their confidence and vision; to Event Producer, Shane Droucker, for his incredible partnership, and to Terri Samson, our Director of Operations, who saw this vision through to its magical finale.