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PDS is the proud recipient of two ILEA Vancouver Awards with production partner Spectra Event Group; Best Event Design and/or Decor over $50,000 and Best Event Design and/or Decor up to $50,000.

Through the Looking Glass won for Best Event Design and/or Decor over $50,000. This Alice in Wonderland-themed interactive post-party was created for an international client who wanted an evening that was over the top, a little outrageous and an event that people just didn’t want to leave. We transformed every possible corner of the third floor of our host hotel into a whimsical yet modern and sophisticated departure from the formal awards dinner our guests were arriving from.

“The uniqueness of each area sparked curiosity which prompted guests to move throughout the space freely. The guests stayed well after closing and the client commented on how something they had never tried before worked perfectly and was an incredible addition to the program and made the guests feel celebrated and at ease.”

Our second award is for Best Event Design and/or Decor up to $50,000. When designing Emerald Forest, it was paramount to our client that this event was an entirely new experience, despite it being familiar to guests. To address our client’s desire for elements to reveal themselves throughout the evening, we featured different video elements throughout the gala dinner, and deliberately incorporated many unique decor elements on the tables so that it took guests a while to see all of them. A highlight was the kabuki curtain revealing a stunning after-party. And finally, when doors to the foyer opened up, guests were surprised by an elegant lounge that appeared in place of the Welcome Reception set up.

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