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Giving Back… One Bowl at a Time

This holiday season, #TeamPurple devoted time to a meaningful initiative with Soup Sisters, an organization deeply committed to supporting communities facing food insecurity. Investing in our local communities is important to us and we are excited to be part of this powerful initiative.

Make Soup. Share Soup. Give Soup.

We engaged in a fun and fulfilling evening at Northwest Culinary Academy. Tammy, a volunteer with Soup Sisters, welcomed us and shared the impact of our soup-making in our community. 

Splitting into stations, we followed recipes crafted by a Certified Master Chef and food scientists, working under the guidance of Chef Alana to prepare 88 litres (about 175 meals) of nourishing and tasty Moroccan Red Lentil soup.

The soups were delivered the day after the event to a supportive housing residence in Surrey. 

Canada’s First Soup Bank

Soup Sisters isn’t just an organization; it’s a beacon of hope that extends its impact far beyond the kitchen, alleviating hunger and aiding vulnerable populations in over 20 cities across Canada. 

Launched during the pandemic in 2009, Soup Sisters has delivered over 200,000 lbs of fresh soup to more than 65 agencies nationwide. This unique model, Canada’s first Soup Bank, has been a game-changer, delivering ‘Hugs in a Bowl’ while operating with a zero-food-waste ethos, ensuring that no effort goes to waste in their mission to provide warmth, nourishment, and care to those who need it most.  

Since the pandemic, they have extended their reach in support of domestic violence emergency shelters, marginalized seniors, transitional housing for the homeless, Indigenous Peoples, youth in crisis, centers for drug addiction and mental health, as well as food banks.

Through their tireless efforts, Soup Sisters has delivered over 4 million servings, fostering compassion, respect, and lasting impacts in communities, one bowl at a time. Their commitment remains unwavering, delivering over 5,000 lbs of fresh soup monthly, combating food inequity and food insecurity nationwide.

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