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In an industry driven by relationships and personal connections, the past few weeks have tested us all in countless ways.  We miss these connections…and we miss you!  

This new reality of personal distance and isolation is a challenge for us; it contradicts our very nature. The situation has, however, provided us opportunity for time and reflection.

In all of this chaos and uncertainty, we at PDS have found inspiration. We are inspired by the kindness and courage of everyday heroes: our healthcare workers, our grocers, our transit and taxi drivers, our supply chain providers, our families and neighbours, our government and industry leaders. We are inspired by the innovators in our community who are shifting their businesses to contribute to the cause.  

As the cherry blossoms begin to bloom on the west coast and the ice begins to melt from our lakes and mountains, new life is emerging.  It’s time to reimagine!  It’s time to discover new ways to connect, to find our role in supporting others and to help pave the road to recovery.  

Our role at PDS is to leverage connections. We are working with a response and recovery task force to connect industry issues with government. We’ve connected hotel and transportation partners with food and supply distribution to those in need.  We are thinking creatively, finding ways that may not be obvious to #makeadifference.  We hope you all find small ways to support your family, friends, neighbours and communities to help make a difference too.

Our global tourism industry is powerfully resilient.  We are stronger together and will see this through.  As Queen Elizabeth so movingly said last weekend, “We will be with our friends again, we will be with our families again, and we will MEET again.”

Missing you and wishing you all good health and safety. 

Joanne Burns Millar
Pacific Destination Services Inc. 

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