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“Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being.” – J. Stanford

In recent years, business leaders have recognized the importance of incorporating wellness into their event programs. From providing healthy food options and opportunities for exercise to offering mindfulness sessions and stress-management workshops, event organizers are taking a holistic approach to meet the well-being needs of their attendees.

The results have been overwhelmingly positive, with participants reporting increased energy, focus, and satisfaction throughout the event, but also learning skills they can take back to their workplace and implement daily.

As proponents of dynamic and thriving work environments, we take great pleasure in weaving wellness into program design. Here are seven ways we infuse wellness principles into memorable and meaningful experiences for your guests.

Morning Yoga

Begin your day with a revitalizing morning yoga session designed to align focus and set a positive tone for the day ahead. With an inherent emphasis on an active lifestyle, yoga is the perfect addition to your Western Canadian program. It also provides a soothing solution for international guests to overcome the effects of jet lag, ensuring that they are refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

Nourishing Coffee Breaks

Like all coffee aficionados, we take our coffee breaks seriously! These breaks provide not only a necessary pause from the rigorous pace of presentations and discussions but are also meticulously crafted to nourish with the freshest locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. Healthy, intentionally designed breaks can refresh your audience’s state of mind and facilitate networking opportunities, all while enjoying immersive entertainment.


Hygge Welcome Reception

Unwind and foster connections through the concept of “Hygge”. This Danish approach emphasizes creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that cultivates feelings of comfort, contentment, and well-being among friends. Hygge can be curated into a sophisticated and intimate welcome reception that exudes coziness, inviting guests to relax, reconnect and build lasting bonds.


Quiet Rooms

An emerging trend that we love is quiet rooms or “mindful lounges”, offering numerous benefits to guests. The rooms provide a quiet and peaceful space to escape hectic program schedules to recharge, meditate, or take a break from the stimulation of a crowded environment. Quiet rooms demonstrate that you recognize the importance of your guests’ comfort and well-being and that different personality types prefer different ways to rejuvenate.

Forest Bathing

Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Western Canada’s lush forests through the timeless Japanese tradition of “shinrin-yoku” also known as forest bathing. This meditative and rejuvenating experience involves simply spending time in a forest and is a highly-effective afternoon activity for your next corporate program. Recharge your mind and soul while experiencing the calming effects of nature.

Water Release Ceremony

A water release ceremony is a cleansing or release ritual performed to honour water and the life it sustains, and to express gratitude for water’s role in our life. Water release ceremonies often involve the participation of multiple individuals, which can help foster a sense of unity and bring people together.


Local Cuisine

PDS loves producing tailored, top-notch dining experiences featuring the culinary talents of local celebrated chefs who represent the epitome of Western Canadian cuisine. By spotlighting regional dishes, we bolster local enterprises and stimulate the local economy, all while reducing our carbon impact through our emphasis on seasonal and sustainably sourced ingredients.

Wellness is a vital component of every business event. Whether you’re looking to enhance team-building efforts, reward employees, or provide a memorable experience for your guests, focusing on wellness will set an uplifting tone for a healthy, productive environment.

> Contact our team and let’s brainstorm how we can weave wellness into your next business event with intention, and in ways that match your values and engagement objectives.

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