Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most. In this business it’s the attention given to thousands of details that directly translates into making your people feel recognized and rewarded.

Handcrafted gifts, awards, and in-room culinary touches designed by artisans from Western Canada are thoughtful ways to deliver corporate gratitude.

Smart programming and activities exclusively for the kids and loved ones while you meet will earn your company big points with the home team.

Designing a polished conference brand with a destination context builds momentum and excitement from start to finale. Pacific Destination Services works closely with international planning teams to deliver effective meeting campaigns.

Capturing your meeting on video and with photos brings home the experience enjoyed here by all. There is no better return on investment than archiving your visit here and your corporate meeting too.

Enhancements Made Memorable

  • Logo and Meeting Branding
  • Handcrafted Awards and Gifts
  • Companion and Children’s programs
  • Teasers and Trinkets
  • Photography and Video
  • Online Marketing
  • Invitations and Menus