Symphony Under the Stars, Lost Lake, Whistler

A celebration of British Columbia food and wine featuring local ingredients from within 100 miles of the lake. The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra paired the menu with a live performance and an audio-visual spectacle at sunset.


We were asked to design and stage a signature dinner event in the natural splendor of Whistler. Lost Lake was the ideal location. The alpine lake is surrounded by snowcapped mountains and is tucked away in a forested area. A 7,100 square foot dining platform with two-tiers was constructed for maximum guest comfort and optimizing symphony sight lines. Guests arrived by forested walkway.


This dinner catered to 450 guests spread over two evenings, for a total of 900 guests.

Big Challenge

The Annual Toad Migration. Yep, that’s right. Along with all the logistics and event complexity you’d expect, we had to plan for the possibility of the annual toad migration. Hundreds of toads hop through the park each summer right around our event date. Our team needed to add toad wrangling to the already hefty “to do” list.


We ensured our Symphony conductor refrain from any Merrie Melodies hits especially “Hello! Ma Baby.” We built Toad shoots under our event staging to allow for possible migratory access through to the lake and park. A first ever, we had toad wranglers on hand to ensure no frogs croaked along the way!


Not one ribbit. Happily, the toads didn’t attend the party. The guests enjoyed an unforgettable experience and we surpassed client expectations. A leaping ovation all around!

“This evening was one of the most memorable events in the history of our client’s 35+ years of programs. This event was stunning and magical.”