NBC 2010 Winter Olympics Lounge

Four evening events featured gourmet grazing and a great dance band in an extraordinary lounge setting. These events highlighted excellent cuisine, a signature 70s cover band, and a funky fun night designed for schmoozing with top international clients during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

NBC 2010 Winter Olympics Lounge NBC 2010 Winter Olympics Lounge
NBC 2010 Winter Olympics Lounge
NBC 2010 Winter Olympics Lounge


We designed a luxurious lounge setting with 70s accents using the architectural bones of an understated downtown concert hall. Leather furniture groupings with mirror tables and reflective accents anchored the space. The latest in lighting effects created a sensual yet energetic mood. Luminescent light boxes were highlighted with candles and floral. Three 16-foot long metal beaded shimmer curtains provided a focal point in the room. LED light panels energized the dance floor with patterns and gobos.


Cocktails and a grazing canapé menu was catered to 400 guests at each of the four events.

Big Challenge

Finding a venue 30 days out of the opening ceremonies for 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

We had to find a new venue that could book our group on four different nights when the contracted location fell through. With Vancouver busting at the seams with corporate and sponsorship events, our solid supplier relationships and sheer tenacity ensured these four events were choreographed and delivered with Olympic excellence.


A solid design and staging plan was quickly approved. Detailed construction and load-in and out schedules for the venue had to be coordinated with city officials and other event crews. The venue was in the heart of a pedestrian only zone and this put additional pressure on suppliers and long hours for after hour deliveries and pick-ups for each party event. Décor and furniture had to be sourced and shipped from the US within ten days of final sign-off adding immense pressure both at the venue and the busy Canada- US border.


An impressive series of four lounge and dance party events thrilled our client and their guests. The cuisine, music, and surroundings embraced the energy of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. We championed our client, and jumped through all the Olympic rings to make it happen.

“Thank you for making our company look so good and for making the Vancouver Games the best of eleven Olympic Programs I’ve worked on.
You are simply the best!”