Divas of the Rainforest, Capilano Suspension Bridge, North Vancouver

A wildly elegant celebration in the heart of a coastal rainforest featuring the best in seasonal cuisine, British Columbia signature wines, and an inspired performance of Celtic music by acclaimed Vancouver Opera Singers.


Cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and a gourmet dinner catered to 190 guests.

We were asked to dazzle our client’s best customers who had previously been wowed by an event held in a centuries-old European castle. It was no small challenge, but we were confident the majesty of our coastal forest, the quality of our gourmet meal and the world-class entertainment we sourced would quite simply leave the guests wanting more. We weren’t wrong.

Our Recommendation

The lush, coastal rainforest 230-ft above the gaping Capilano River Canyon was a natural choice for this appreciation dinner, where guests were first drawn in by a million glimmering twinkle lights adorning the Suspension Bridge and surrounding cedar forest. High-heel shoes were quickly swapped out for comfortable “fast flats” so all guests could wander this cool, natural oasis, exploring British Columbia’s First Nation and pioneer history brilliantly displayed throughout park. Passed hors d’oeuvres and flutes of champagne whet their appetites for the BC-inspired feast to come.

We erected a Clearspan tent at the edge of a granite cliff, to best capture the sight of the Capilano Suspension Bridge and its ancient cedar forest, not to mention the brilliant night sky. Natural antler chandeliers cast a warm glow, and soft candlelight was enhanced by colourful accent and pin lighting sparkling in the trees like fireflies. The setting was made even more intimate by rustic, yet elegant table decor, complete with crystal and fine china.

Big Challenge

Our client’s ever-expanding guest list kept us on our toes! The original concept was created for a maximum of 90 people, but by a week prior to the event, the guest count had ballooned to 190 people. It took some fancy footwork and keen logistics coordination to double the audience in the space allotted, and we’re happy to say, no trees were felled in the process!


Having worked with our venue partner since PDS began, it was easy for them to agree to an extended set-up time on site. Once that was granted, we constructed the tent using the organic boundaries of the site to gain real estate. A dedicated cocktail tent added bar staging outside the dining tent while the stage was reconfigured into a central round, making it the centre of the attraction. We then coached performers into using ear monitors, something not typically done on the opera stage, which allowed them to continually move about throughout their performance.


A standing ovation, and a dream event that our team and our supplier partners could be very proud of.

“This was our best event in 50 years.”