Multi-Day Incentive in Banff National Park, Alberta

A two-tiered, five-day incentive program in Banff National Park — Canada’s first national park, and a UNESCO world heritage site.

Multi-Day Incentive in Banff National Park, Alberta Multi-Day Incentive in Banff National Park, Alberta
Multi-Day Incentive in Banff National Park, Alberta
Multi-Day Incentive in Banff National Park, Alberta


To create memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experiences superseding all previous programs. In other words, we needed to make the Canadian Rockies shine above all other destinations!


650 guests from a high profile tech firm, plus a top-tier reward for 40 with an exclusive program-within-a-program.

Big Challenge

Signature events were staged in the most unlikely locations with the jagged peaks of the Rockies providing a dramatic backdrop. Adding to the complexity was an incentive within an incentive: a one night getaway for the top 40 producers to nearby Lake Louise

National Park & Rocky Mountain.  Working within the boundaries of a National Park requires consideration of wildlife and environment protection, weather considerations and other specific park guidelines.


Scope and scale were met with bench strength. Our operations and event teams conducted numerous planning sessions with both our local Banff & Vancouver based teams of experts and industry partners to deliver top-quality, creative events, experiential activities and sound logistics.  It was critical to work closely with Fairmont Banff Springs and our key Banff industry partners in the Rockies to set us, and our client, up for success.

One of the most valuable lessons we learned was the critical importance of having a meteorologist on-call for outdoor events.  Had we not engaged the services, we would likely have cancelled our final night concert with Barenaked Ladies outside, and relocated to a second rate venue.  The meteorologist’s call for rain was bang-on and as predicted, the weather system passed over our venue 20 minutes prior to event start opening up sunny skies for the rest of the evening.  It was magical!


In the words of our client, “You made my vision an even better reality than I’d ever imagined.” There is no higher praise.

A job well done! From Vision to Reality!